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Persecuted and Saved
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Active European Remembrance

The European Union is built on fundamental values such as freedom, democracy and respect for human rights. In order to fully appreciate their meaning, it is necessary to remember the breaches of those principles that were caused by Nazism and Stalinism in Europe. By commemorating the victims, and preserving the sites and archives attached to deportations, Europeans will preserve the memory of the past, including its dark side. It is particularly important to do so now, since witnesses are progressively disappearing.

The aims of this action, in line with the objectives of the programme, are twofold: fostering action, debate and reflection related to European citizenship and democracy, shared values, common history and culture, and bringing Europe closer to its citizens by promoting values and achievements of Europe, while preserving the memory of its past.

Further information:http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/citizenship/programme/action4_en.php